Black:  Backswing Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc
Orange:  'Traditional' Forward Swing Arc
Notice:  Steeper angle of approach with 'Traditional' Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc.
Orange:  'Tradtional' Forward Swing Arc.
Notice:  'On Plane' Arc will travel on the 'target line' more than 'Traditional' Arc
Patrick Damore was raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He was a member of the McDowell High School golf team in Erie, Pennsylvania and played collegiately at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  He earned a bachelor of science degree in Marketing from UNCW. He has been a PGA professional member since 2004.  He is a member of the Western New York PGA section.  He has captured 14 professional tournament  individual titles and 8 professional tournament team titles.   He has qualified for 3 and participated in 2 PGA National Club Professional Championships.  He received the Titleist PGAPGM Level 1 Apprentice scholar award and the Titleist PGAPGM level 3 Apprentice Scholar award.  He teaches students of all abilities, ages, and gender.   He lives in Warren, Pennsylvania with his wife (Angela), his 3 children (Chelsea, Kaitlyn, Braddock), and 2 Yorkshire terriers (Rocco & Rexxie).
The 'behind the scenes' of Patrick's Golf Channel Golf Tip filmed during the 2009 Club Professional Championship.
About Patrick
P.O. Box 1331
Warren, PA  16365
[email protected]
Western New York PGA
PGA member since 2004