Black:  Backswing Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc
Orange:  'Traditional' Forward Swing Arc
Notice:  Steeper angle of approach with 'Traditional' Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc.
Orange:  'Tradtional' Forward Swing Arc.
Notice:  'On Plane' Arc will travel on the 'target line' more than 'Traditional' Arc
Become a 'remote' student member!

The digital age is upon us and our smartphones and tablets have become our world.  I offer a monthly instruction service for all long distance students.  This service is $75 per month.  You will need your smartphone or a tablet (or both if you prefer).

What you receive?  

24-hour personal 'online' video instruction, 7 days a week from me with your mobile device.  I will send you a share link via email or text.  You install my instruction app (Golf Coach App) on your phone/tablet and set up payment info.  No monthly contracts.  We will communicate via the app.  You can send me vids every day and anytime (unlimited).  I review them and send them back, via the app with a voice over and digital instruction.  All my students go this route...even my 'in person' students.  It's extremely useful when they are practicing on the range by themselves.

Just give me a call and I will set you up.

The coaching app is very user friendly.  It has templates to record vids with the proper viewing angles.   I included a vid reply sample below.

For more samples, visit  My YouTube Page.
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